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Wine and your Political Color

    This early, America is already rife with rumors about possible presidential candidates since, of course, the 2015 US presidential elections is almost in our midst. As most of you probably know, the country’s polity is dominated by two polar opposites: the Democrats and the Republicans. The ideologies between these two political parties are markedly different. If one would remember, the government of America was forced to shut down for a brief period towards the end of last year and this was primarily on account of these two factions’ policy disagreements.

    Now, suppose we try to investigate something else aside from talks of politics. There is the case, for instance, of wine and politics. Some wine experts would perhaps chuckle at this and quip that these two would not probably constitute a healthy mix. But have you ever wondered if the choices also fall along party lines? Whether the Democrats and Republicans prefer different bottles of wine? Apparently, there is some truth to this position.

    In a study conducted by the National Media Research it was found that Democrats demonstrated strong preference for the Smoking Loon while their Republican counterparts swear by Robert Mondavi Winery. The empirical research is quite legitimate, conducted in the course of two years – from 2008 to 2010 – querying at least 50,000 participants.

    It was found that Democrats were also quite partial to Moet & Chandon Champagne while the politically correct of the bunch gravitate towards the cheap bubbly drinks produced in California such as Andre (E & J Gallo) and Cook’s by Constellation. When the occasion calls for a celebration, Republicans drink Korbel. An interesting school of thought posits that Republicans may be partial to this bubbly bottle on account of the winery’s quarrel with France, which the Republicans – as a matter of ideology – positively abhor. It is equally interesting to know that Democrats drink gin and vodka whereas Republicans binge on whiskey and Bourbon.

The dynamics of this drinking pattern between the Republican and Democrats is worthy of a deeper study and analysis. It may have significant bearing on policymaking or the psychology of the American politicians. For your part, if you want to curry favor, you will know what bottle to bring, yes?

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