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Molecular Mixologist. Anyone?

    Herve This made a splash in 1988 when he introduced to the culinary world a new trend called molecular gastronomy. Simply put, it is a style of cooking that employs and takes advantage of all modern and technological innovations to prepare food. You might have heard of Heston Blumenthal who built his fame from this approach. Molecular gastronomy is revolutionizing the way food is prepared, presented and consumed within what some say the next stage in the developmental evolution of the relation between man and his food. Many respectable chefs are now swearing by the sous vide approach to cooking, for example.

    Not to be outdone, the liquor industry promptly came up with its own version when suddenly molecular mixologists began popping up recently.

    Molecular mixology is the said to be the art of mixing drinks scientifically, approaching drinks and cocktails through experimentation and combinations based on the molecular level. The idea is that these experts could supposedly manipulate, break and “reconceptualize” drinks in order to come up not just with new drinks but new ingredients, flavors, textures and appearance for a more elevated drinking experience. A mixologist counts an array of unusual implements for his or her equipment. This includes a blowtorch, vacuum machine, and a distillation contraption called Rotovap, among others mechanicals used in molecular gastronomy. Ingredients could also range from the tame to the weird. Consider, for instance, the use of nitrogen, foam, gel and mists.

    A mixologist can also enhance ingredients. Say, a strawberry could end up tasting like itself but with an infusion of tobacco or your favorite perfume. Do not be surprised if a mixologist deconstructs the same fruit and assembles it again to present an entirely different cocktail concept.

    If you want know more about this strange new trend, ask your favorite wine expert or liquor experts. You can also turn to published books on the subject and the works of popular mixologists such as Jamie Bodreau and Frankie Solarik.

It is inevitable for some quarters to accuse molecular mixology as pure and simple gimmick. But the addition of scientific method and the integration of new ingredients are valid techniques that are paving the way for an entirely new approach to how we prepare and consume wine, liquor and cocktail.

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