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Wine vs. Cocktail

I should like to be informed that cocktails are not for real men. Whoever would deliver the message would definitely get a piece of my mind. See, I have always believed that there is no such thing as art to manliness or that there is a set of material things or learned skills that should define men. It is our way with the world that should communicate our worth and not the content of what we ingest. So allow me to say that if you believe you are being evaluated on account of your choice between a cocktail and wine, then – by all means – go with cocktail if you feel like it. There is nothing wrong with it. At all.

But are there really concoctions that should be off-limits to men? I mean, legitimately off-limits and none of that superficial nonsense like how a peach should be a no-no because it is, well, pink. As it turned out there are, indeed, concoctions that give cocktails the bad name. And faced with a choice between these and wine, I daresay, you must stick with the latter.

Let us begin with those cocktails that go with a name you cannot correctly pronounce such as the Caipirinha Cachaca pictured above (which is also immensely sweet). There is no faster way to lose your face when you commit this mistake. Imagine assuming a feigned hauteur, ordering the waiter about with a drink that you have difficulty articulating. If you have to put airs, be sure you can

Malibu + Diet Coke. Come on, who would want to drink a Malibu? In my book it practically defines the concept of horrible. Then aggravate it further with a drink that indicates a desire for weight loss. That is a strange thought unless you are a woman. It is leaning towards the effete side of the spectrum. Also, if you are obese, then you are most certainly excused.

Also, there is the case of cocktail overly smothered with sweets like fruits and sugar that any hint of alcohol is effectively drowned out. Masking alcohol in cocktails defeats the purpose. You might as well order juice to get your fix.

You also must avoid cocktails of any kind when in countries such as Canada where its consumption is frowned upon in men. And I need to mention Russia, which takes that attitude a little over the top. Russians believe drinking alcohol that is diluted or mixed with other ingredients as cowardly and it is considered rude to a host if you request for such as a thing.

Finally, there are those cocktails that are made for women, period. You would probably do well if you would refrain from ordering Pina Colada, Fuzzy Navel and Melon Ball, among others. And, oh, did I mention Appletini? These are supposedly inherently girlish.

Despite all these, you can drink 100-proof unadulterated alcohol and look unsexy and unmanly at it if you cannot keep enough composure and sobriety in the process. Or you order one of the above or demand a peach or an elderflower for your martini and still look a splitting image of the cool and the sexy. I do not need to tell you that it is the attitude and the confidence that counts. You should know.

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