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Wine and the Famous: Top Ten Photos

Sideways with the Wine Geek

This is a video grab from the film, Sideways. It appropriately depicts a wine geek. Also, Sideways – if you have seen the film – was also remarkable for a memorable line delivered by one of the characters: “I’m not drinking any fucking Merlot!” The poor grape was much maligned and as a result, the film single-handedly brought the sales of Merlot in the market for a time.

Pretty Woman

Holywood’s take on the still life for men: a hooker, champagne and strawberries, not necessarily in that order. This image recalls the iconic film, Pretty Woman and extols all the stereotypical concepts associated with wine, sex, money and pleasure.

Expensive Margaux

This is perhaps one of the best photos taken of the world’s most expensive wine, Chateaux Margaux 2009 vintage. This scene, in which the incredibly expensive liquor is being poured, could perhaps make a wine enthusiast immediately piss on his pants.

Julia’s Moment

The legendary but endearingly crude and carefree Julia Childs takes a break from beating her food to submission. She is pictured here in a moment of refinement, surrounded by wine.

Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay, a wine enthusiast, depicted in this promotional image the epitome of righteous wine snobbery and a little, too, of over indulgence and extravagance, splashing away wine with such abandon. If one would recall, this star chef has been sued for not paying at least $41,000 in wine bill back in 2010.

Bill with Anna Maria Clementi

Well, the old fart loves the good life. He was photographed dining in Italy and enjoying this huge Anna Maria Clementi bottle from Ca’ del Bosco.


This is a classic Beatles photo. It is happily contrived but you can feel the palpable glee, which should capture the very spirit of the champagne being poured. Most assuredly, it is a celebration after hitting one of their top-busting singles.

Oh, Marilyn.

Marilyn Monroe was notorious for her drinking habits. We see her here enjoying a glass. We can agree that it transports her to her surreal, calm and classy persona.

Congratulations Mr. President

After routing his opponent, the newly elected American President shared a celebratory wine toast with his wife.

The Queen’s Wine

Negru de Purcari, a Moldovan red dry wine, is said to be Queen Elizabeth’s favorite. But, here in this portrait, she is shown enjoying a sip of a sparkling white. Well, one thing is for sure, the erstwhile greatgrandmum likes her spirit regardless of the hues.

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