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The Five Must Have Subscription Boxes for Men

I recently discovered that subscription boxes are extremely interesting for several reasons. First, the box is consisted of several curated items. So based on your profile and your expressed preferences, you will be sent several items at once, saving you time and effort if you are to scout these on your own. Secondly, it is not unlike a monthly gift sent to you, with the capability to delight and surprise you. Needless to say, I am hooked. In the past months or so, these are the list of subscription boxes that I have tried and found to be absolutely awesome.

Bespoke Post

This box will cost you $45 a month. You might find this indispensable because the boxes contain essential items and gears specifically chosen for men. There are themed boxes or boxes with stories (i.e. for January I got their Heritage Box) and Bespoke supposedly scours the world for interesting and useful things for your needs and pleasure. Last month, for instance, I got an artisan ketchup and outdoor gourmet kit bundled with a necktie and an aviator sunglasses. The service gives you the option of finding out the list to be sent out to make sure you do not get what you do not want.

I have been subscribed to this wine box subscription service since November. I was terribly busy and I do not have time to buy wine for Thanksgiving and the holidays were fast approaching as well so the wine subscription box seemed like a good idea. This service was absolutely awesome and it costs 47 euros. On the 20th of November, three bottles in a beautiful box greeted me when I answered the door. And the wines were impeccable, having been chosen by a team of sommeliers. I found that the service also include several other value add-ons in the monthly bundle such as online wine courses, wine games and wine newsletter. I was so pleased that last month I ordered two additional boxes, which then went to very satisfied friends as my Christmas wine gifts.

Buck Mason

Technically, Buck Mason and their service is not a subscription box. But it nevertheless tops this list because of the incredible service offering in addition to the excellent quality and style of the products involved. It will mail you all the clothing essentials you would ever need – from tees, shirts to jeans within a specified delivery period. You got to try them first because the service allows you to keep the things that you want and return those you don’t within five days.

Curator and Mule, Inc.

Curator & Mule is all about men’s accessories. The box delivered to you monthly includes 4 to 5 items that may include hats, sunglasses and leather goods, among others. The pricing for this is quite different, requiring you to shell out $60 for a season.

Bike Loot

I would like to throw in my Bike Loot subscription as well. I do biking a lot for my fitness regimen and my monthly goodies from them are, so far, so cool, given the low subscription rate. For this month, I got biking gloves, towelettes, health booster, Elite Electrolytes, and other supplements and snacks. To think the service is just worth $9-11.



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