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Ten Things To Know About French Wines

1. Wine is a matter of national pride in France. They have perfected winemaking and it is not considered a mere skill or trade but an art.


2. French wines are labeled according to appellations, which denotes the wine’s origin. It is legally protected indicator of such origin as well as a guarantee that a wine has passed all the rules and requirements imposed in an appellation concerning grape varieties, soil, planting, yields and the winemaking process.


3. An important variable in French wines is the concept called terroirs. This is what the French winemakers call the different environmental factors that contribute to the quality of the grapes produced in a specific location. It explains why different wines are produced in different regions even when there is only one grape variety used.

4. French wine is cheap. At least, in comparison to wines produced in America. France imposes lower tax on wine producers that is why they can afford to sell it at lower prices.


5. Most of the wines produced in France are shipped to the four corners of the world. Asian countries such as China are lucrative markets, contributing to 10-billion euro revenue that the French wine industry rakes in annually.


6. Languedoc –Roussillon is the largest wine-producing region not just in France but in all the world, with vineyards comprising at least 700,000 acres of land. However, Bordeaux is considered to produce the highest quality and the most expensive of all.  The region has around 284,320 acres of vineyards, which could ship at least 900 million bottles annually to wine consumers around the world.


7. There is a concept called French Paradox. This points out that French people live on a highly fatty diet but – here is the paradox – the French people tend to live long lives and enjoy low incidence of heart disease. Many believed that this is on account of the extraordinary amount of red wine consumption in the country.


8. The average French consumes about 60 liters of wine every year.

9. Champagne is a very important French export. It is a global brand, which effectively represents French wine, that which connotes celebration, luxury and success. The mere presence of Moet & Chandon or the Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte, for example, implies these very concepts without any need for words to point them out. Champagne has also remained original, which is a wonder in this day and age when just about everything can be copied and reproduced.

10. Make sure to pair a French dish with French wine. It works according to the culinary principle that food would taste better when matched with wine produced from the same place.



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