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How to select wine during a date in a restaurant?

There will always come a point when we are faced with a difficult wine list. In this instance, other problems like global poverty or an eviction notice would pale in comparison especially when we are out to impress, say we are in the middle of a date. Such seemingly simple difficulty could thoroughly unman the most confident of men and articulated a thoroughly unflattering impression. How so, you might ask? Well, two points: 1) control is imperative in the affair; and, 2) women is quite idealistic when it comes to men (you do not want to be anticlimactic and remain – in their minds – a clumsy, unsophisticated and, worse, “unsexy” lout. I have some basic tips that should help you choose red wine when in a restaurant with your lady love.

1. Look for the expert. This can be the wine server or the sommelier. If you absolutely have no idea about what is in the establishment’s wine list, ask for recommendations. Provide details such as what you are eating and the type of red wine you and your date like. He should be able to propose a bottle or two, to pair with the food you are having and sate your wine preferences. However, make sure you have enough budget for it. It will not do to have the poor chap articulate his possible choices with you refusing each proposed bottle on account of your pecuniary capacity.


2. Most respectable restaurants have a wine-food pairing menu. It will serve you a lot of good to ask for this and build everything from there. Remember that wine tastes different when paired with food. A wine you enjoy might not perform its usual magic; so tread very careful in this area.


3. Suppose there is no expert close at hand or you are feeling your element and a bit more cocky than usual to choose your own wine. That is fine. Just remember some basic principles. Pinot Noir are considered medium reds and they are excellent with strong cheeses, red pasta, beef, pork and other rich food. Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Zinfandels could also do very well in this category. Beaujolais are good with appetizers. Ruby port is considered the most full-bodied of all red and it will perform better with similarly natured comestibles such as chocolate or any rich dessert.


4. Also make sure that you choose the right wine for your companion. This could be difficult if she is not familiar with wine and would not know what would be best. Here, you can take a cue from her personality. Generally, red wine is a natural fit for women who are confident, intelligent, and strong. Rose wine is surprisingly the favorite of warm, loud and charming ladies. For the reserved, practical and shy, white wine would be just perfect.


5. A successful date is largely determined by the quality of the conversation. Wine can literally and figuratively going to grease a smooth and easygoing discussion. Make sure it does not get in the way by choosing a disappointing bottle.



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