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Coolest Wine Packaging Ever

For most people who have no inkling about wine, shopping for it would most likely involve discriminating and comparing bottles according to design. But even the initiated and the wine snobs must acknowledge this aspect because it implies an attention to detail, reflecting a favorable impression on how the wine has been made. So allow me to present to you 15 of the coolest wine packaging ever. These are – for sheer beauty, innovation, style and uniqueness – would prompt me to buy it with a high degree of alacrity.

2010 Wine

I love the simplicity of this wine. The packaging is consisted of a wrap – very tastefully done – and supposedly design to help in usher the New Year or the concept of being reborn or looking forward to new beginnings. Once unwrapped, the bottle is resplendent in black.

Naked King Wine

While this packaging is not as arresting or as remarkable as the others but I love a good story. The designer – BeetRoot Design Group – of the bottle cleverly played with the label, Naked King and took inspiration from the tale of the Emperor’s Clothes. Quite clever.


After I saw this bottle, I immediately thought about Au Masculin by Lolita Limpicka. This is a perfume with top notes that I really like. The bottle gives off an impression of magic, like if you partake a sip some wraith would surge and pop into little colorful fireworks. This was designed by the Creative Method. The bottle is a really good piece of work.

Elk and Wolf

Now this Elk and Wolf Chardonnay  bottle appeals to my modernist sensibilities. It will not be out of place with my mobile phone, my Macbook, and the dark interiors of my study, which happens to smell hints of leather and the minty traces of my aftershave.


I have always been partial to the use of text as a design element. And this bottle of Lorem is an excellent example why I do. I am a fan! It is very chic and smart looking.


The firm Reynolds and Reyner designed this sleek champagne packaging. They called it Collier and it was initially made for an elite 23-bottle class shipped inside the studded egg shown in the picture. It is stylish with a dash of sportiness, screaming class and boldness for its owners.


Aha, this Moet Chandon bottle is what one would call ostentatious. Draped in gold, it is not shy in brandishing its weight about.  I would buy this for Christmas, for a date and for other occasions when I would want to dazzle and impress.

Bonfire Wine

This Bonfire bottle reminded me of the Cask of Amontillado. There is a lot of passion going on and heat and character and other emotions in between.


Every inch of this Neige Ice Cider bottle screams of sophistication, luxury and taste.  I would go as far as calling it graceful and also hip and exclusive. The gold is not the in-your-face type of opulence but a subtle implication of luxury. If Dionysius would descend this very moment in our midst, this would be a worthy offering, indeed.


There is something tacky about the idea of a wine with a zipper. But I don’t know. This Bootleg affair seems cool to bring around with you. The leather package would cushion it from unexpected bumps or a low fall. It is unique and almost innovative even.


These bottles are cool if only for the fact that they pique my curiosity immensely.  It is a bit tempered in the design department but the black and white motif draws you in, reminding you of the brute highlanders, only recently tamed and properly clad in Burberry finery.

Karadag Wine

I like the design of this wine a lot. I thought at first the designer (Nadie Parshina) intended it as a nod to wine’s Greek heritage but the bottle (which unfortunately is still a concept at this stage) turned out to be Russian and, to my delight, it was actually meant to draw attention to the endangered species inhabiting the Crimean region.

Buddy Mulled Wine

Cool and hilarious rolled into one this would describe the Buddy Mulled Wine packaging. It sports a design dominated by the barometer for your intoxication. It begins with the first level that indicates a tame and expectant wish. By Christmas, it would mean you are already thoroughly done for, the wish is granted and happily basking in your drunken albeit happy stupor.

The Wine Society

It is amusing to find these bottles together and there are more than 30 different variations. Now that would constitute a society, indeed. I wonder if each wine sport different characteristics or personalities as well. That would double the fun, wouldn’t you agree? A diverse community.

Tierra Earth Wine

I was extremely curious about how this bottle would feel like in my hand. Probably like pouring some essence from the earth. That would be delightful. But this incredible wine bottle was designed to honor Agapito Rico, an eminent Spanish vintner, who has successfully produced wine from the delicate Monastrell grape. Needless to say, this vessel contains some priceless amount of it.



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