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How To host the Perfect Wine Party


One need not be well-heeled, a connoisseur like the eminent Robert Parker Jr., or be a sommelier by profession in order to stage a successful wine tasting party. It does sound quite fancy, if you do think about it, but it really is an easy affair and reasonable in terms of cost, thus, anyone is perfectly capable to have one. In fact, you are encouraged to do so since it provides an interesting alternative or variety in terms of how you entertain your friends.


Say, you would want to do a fun wine tasting party. Here are some tips to help you along:


1. Carefully build your guest list. The company for the party is as important as the pleasure derived from excellent wine. Without an interesting mix of people or friends, the event could easily end in dismal failure. Based from this list, choose the date, location, the theme of the party and the wine list. There is a suggestion that six guests are ideal since less would be tantamount as a double date or that more than six would take a toll on managing the conversation and the wine tasting activity. You could always venture on opting for the latter. Just be sure to invite lively and enthusiastic attendees in order to help you entertain.


2. In choosing the wine, the uninitiated could do very well with American brands. A respectable list of the best in this category can be found here in an article by Ray Isle. See, the labeling is less convoluted than French wines. The former is classified according to grape varieties whereas bottles of the latter are labeled according to its origins, which is not particularly straightforward to follow. American wine is simpler to categorize and easier to use in this particular case since wine tasting should include bottles with several varieties of grapes. Ideally, a small wine party would have six wines: three white wines and three red wines. You can try white wines made from Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and Riesling; and, red wines from Pinot Noir, Merlot and Cabernet grapes. It is always helpful to secure the assistance of a good wine merchant you are purchasing from. For instance, there is the case of Roberson Wine in London. Forbes also helpfully provided a list of the best wine shop over the web. They would know the cheap but really good ones or what is excellent in terms of tastes, appearance and aroma or whatever suits your fancy.


3. To serve the wine, common sense dictates the use of clear crystal wineglasses. You will not see your wine at all if you will use colored implements. Remember that the visual aspect is an important part of the activity. The number of wineglasses should also be proportionate to the wine list. This article has mentioned six, hence, be advised to make six wineglasses available per person. You can have three if you could afford to wash the wineglasses in the interim, when you shift from the red to white. If you must be detailed and fussy, you should know that, traditionally, red wines are served in slightly bigger glasses, as the smaller ones tend to keep the white wine cooler for longer periods. Red wine is generally best served at room temperature. It will also not hurt to set aside some crackers, cheese, bread and water for the event. They help clear the palate. Head over to this link to find out more about this detail.


4. Throw in some fun activities as well. You can, for instance, print out wine tasting scorecards. Your guests can supply little descriptions or notes or observations per bottle. You can also carefully set the theme beforehand so that the party becomes a fun blind wine tasting affair where guests are made to guess the name of the wine, grape variety and so forth. Music, entertainment and other variables along that line would also not hurt to help set the mood.




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