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Wine and Food Pairing ¦ Learn how to match wine and Food.

Top 10 Best and simple Wine and Food Pairs

Wine is the key element of a dinner. “I Cook with Wine, sometimes I even add it to the food” said once W.C Fields.

However Wine and Food pairing is difficult. What if you could stand out from the crowd ?

Imagine, you invite friends over and amaze them with very simple food but extraordinary wine pairing.

Let’s go for some crazy but tasty combinations, with easy to find wines or food :

1. Potatoe Chips and French Champagne.

The salt and dry flavor of the potato chips match perfectly with  the Champaign. Indeed light bubbles will break the saltness and enhance the potato flavor. You will have to serve the Champaign very cold and… nothing else to do.

2. Mushrooms and Pinot Noir

It’s time for aperitif and you need original ideas ? Go get mushrooms, the dry and earthy ones. The open an old bottle of Pinot Noir, a very earthy grape variety. When you mix earthy wines with even more earthy food, the wine seems to be more fruity.

3.  Thai Food and German or French Riesling

The spiciness of some Asian meals perfectly fits the dryness and sweetness of Riesling wines. It works also with Gewürztraminer and Vouvrays.

4. Risotto and Sparkling Rose

Not always easy to make, but very efficient, Risotto are one the first meal for wannabee chefs. Sparkling Rose is often underestimated with real meals, not only hors d’oeuvre. The sweetness of the Rose will literally light up your risotto, even if you screwed the cooking a bit.

5. Spicy Burger and Syrah.

A really spicy meal should have a spicy companion as well.  Harissa, Mustard, Spices… should definetly be matched with  an old Syrah, a Cabernet Franc  or Xinomavro from Greece

6. Pop-Corn and a strong Chardonnay from Chili

Yes it matches ! Pop corn (salted) are a great match with the strong and fat Chardonnay grape Variety. Good news Chili Chardonnay can be found quite anywhere at a reasonnable price.

7. Fish and chips and a German Riesling

Yes the national British meal fits a German fat and sweet wine like the Riesling.

8.  Camembert and White Pinot

Yes soft cheese is better with a white wine ! A soft cheese required acidity, while a hard and dry cheese like Comte or Blue Cheese, requires a French Red Bordeaux or Pinot Noir from Burgundy. Enjoy a good old Camembert with a White Pinot, you’ll tell me how it feels !

9. A Chocalate Cake and a Tawny Port

Chocolate and Red Wine is often a bad pairing. But a Red Tawny (one the best) Port is a great and simple wine and food combination. No way you can miss your dessert.

10. Pizza and… Beer !

No one in Italy is drinking wine with a pizza. Only tourists. Not that you can’t match any great Italian wine with a pizza (Italy is the biggest producer in the world in Volumes), but a fresh beer is a tradition with a pizza over there. Sorry for your romantic pizza and expensive bottle of Bordeaux you were planning around the corner with you future ex girlfriend.

Courtsesy of (CC)

Courtsesy of (CC)

If you lover coktails, you could also use wine cocktails paired with food. Try this great Wine Cocktails and food App during summer, you goona  love it. It is a very simple way to realize cocktails if you don’t have main bases at home.

Looking for a wine that is light, medium, strong, sweet ? Take a look at this list, print it, go to the supermarket and pick up the right bottle.

Next steps for perfect food and wine pairing will be texture and age of the wine. To be continued.



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